Supplemental Privacy Policy

(Last updated on July 18, 2015)

This supplemental privacy policy (this "CS Privacy Policy"), along with the privacy policy (the "Primary Privacy Policy") of the talenthouse.com website (the "Primary Website"), together explain what information may be collected in connection with this Creative Studio website (this "CS Website") and related services (together with the CS Website, collectively, the "CS Services"). By accessing the CS Website, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to comply with and to be bound by the Primary Privacy Policy as well as this CS Privacy Policy, whether or not you are a registered member of the Website. The CS Terms and Conditions, the Primary Terms and Conditions, this CS Privacy Policy and the Primary Privacy Policy, govern your use of the CS Services and constitute a legal contract between you and Talenthouse, Inc. ("Talenthouse," "we" or "us"), whose office is at 306 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048 USA.

In the event of a conflict between the Primary Privacy Policy and this CS Privacy Policy, the terms of the CS Privacy Policy will control with respect to the CS Services.

A Creative Studio is co-branded website powered by the Talenthouse platform. Through the CS Services, Talenthouse is partnering with PLACEHOLDER (the "Creative Studio Partner") to offer a platform for creators and fans of the Creative Studio Partner to collaborate and interact. This Privacy Policy applies to the information collected from the CS Services.

Users who already have accounts with the Primary Website can use that account to access the CS Services. Users who do not yet have accounts with the Primary Website can register through the CS Website; doing so will both create an account on the Primary Website and will give the user access to the CS Services. By registering or logging in to the CS Website, each user acknowledges and agrees that (i) this CS Privacy Policy applies to the information collected from the CS Services and (ii) such user consents to Talenthouse sharing with the Creative Studio Partner the user’s first and last name, email address, city and country of residence, gender, whether you self-identified as an creator when registering your account, and the type of creator that you self-identified as.

The Creative Studio Partner may use the information received from Talenthouse for marketing or promotional purposes of the products and services of the Creative Studio Partner.